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"This will not trend because she is wearing clothes." One suggests, check out the reactions.

In an era where people have become obsessed with creating content for social media, the pictures you post can get you trending on social media platforms instantly. Especially the nice pictures of women rocking bikinis, that type of content trends very quick.

Take a picture of a hardworking female machanic on the grind, you will never see such images trending. This matter was brought to the spotlight after someone posted this.👇🏾

I guess being a female mechanic has its ups and downs. There can be a ton of sexism and harassment which is the vibe l got from some of the comments on this post. A lot people were quick to respond on this post as you will see below in the comments.

I personally think women can fix cars just as good as a man can. I think a man can do some things faster merely due to his strength. But very often, working smart instead of working hard pays off. And any girl can learn to do that.

Forget about the trending, l take my hats off to hard workers like this lady.

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