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In Shock | More Than 1.5 Billion Facebook Private & Personal Information Is Currently Being Sold

Many people around World including South Africa should be experiencing the outage of these three social networking giants, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The founder of Facebook who also owns the photo-sharing site Instagram and text messaging sister WhatsApp has lost more than $6.6 Billion and he has moved down the pecking order in 6th position on the Forbes' rich list. The bad news that is transitioning with Facebook is that users' private and personal information is currently being sold on Hacker Forum. This would become the biggest hack in the history of black hat hacking in the world. Image credit: Twitter

Many people might be wondering if Facebook will ever be back, the only thing we know is that many things happening in the social media world including Facebook in the mix. Many black hat hackers have been hacking Facebook from day one to prove to other hackers on the dark deep web that they got mad skills and they should be labelled as the best of the best, all we know is that they are going straight to jail after committing the 'biggest and most significant Facebook hack to date'. Image credit: Twitter

The FBI and MI6 will be looking for these culprits and send them to rot in jail because they have cost many people lost a lot of money and stopped communication on Facebook. Many people depend on WhatsApp to send a quick message to their employees, friends or family. We think this black hat group should be held accountable for anything that happened to people's private and personal information and a lifetime jail sentence is suitable for them. Image credit: Twitter


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