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Here's What To Do if Your R350 Grant Has Declined

Sassa Covid19 award candidates who have neglected FIU installments ought to explain this to the Division of Work.

Photograph: SASSA Twitter

As SASSA presented the R350 Social Help (SDR) award to supported beneficiaries, certain individuals are as yet battling in the application interaction. 

On the off chance that specific applications mirror that the candidate owes neglected FIU installments, is a beneficiary of, or is utilized by, NSFAS certain applications will be dismissed, yet this isn't the situation for some individuals. 

"I can't really accept that you dismissed my application due to the temporary job that finished quite a while past. On the off chance that your framework is genuine, you ought to have the option to follow the agreement time frame and lapse date. Else, you will hurt the most commendable individuals who buckle down each day to get a new line of work,"

Phoebe Ntsomi attempted to utilize the application interestingly and was fruitless on the grounds that the Sassa framework detailed that she got FIU installment. The installment had as of now finished when the application was dispatched. 

"My application was dismissed in light of the fact that I accepted my UIF installment before November last year. I requested a reevaluation at 3:30 today, and it succeeded. Sassa needs to work with the work office to check the end of all FIUs," he shared. 

Have you applied for the R350 endowment? Here is the way to really take a look at the situation with the application through WhatsApp 

Social Help (SRD) R350 endowment application Individuals can follow the advancement of their application through WhatsApp. 

Here are the reasons why your application might be dismissed and what you can do: 

In the event that you There are forthcoming FIU installments, will your application be dismissed? 

Indeed. Recipients who fit the bill for FIU installments might be dismissed. Sassa said candidates ought to confirm with the asset whether they have any exceptional installments and consider reapplying for the Covid19 award. 

In case you were as of late jobless and didn't mirror your joblessness status, will your application be dismissed? 

Indeed. The organization expressed that candidates who have as of late lost their positions yet have been dismissed can demand reexamination, and Sassa will lead a method test. 

"The solicitation for reexamination will be additionally assessed by checking whether assets in overabundance of R595 have streamed into the client's ledger. The organization expressed that if the assets come from a youngster related Sassa award, there will be a special case. 

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