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Please When an unknown number calls you, don’t rush by saying “hello”, do this first.



Individuals who do not grasp telephone etiquette and act irresponsibly can be discovered. 

This is exceedingly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. 

It is not polite to answer any phone call, especially one from an unknown number, and say hello right away. 

This post will go over what to say when an unknown number calls instead of saying hello, and I'll explain what you should say. 

When you receive a suspicious phone call, the first thing you should do is pick up the phone and ask the caller how you can help them. 

"Please tell me who you are," you can politely inquire, and then ask if they mind identifying themselves to me. 

This way of replying is not only more stylish, but it is also more educational. 

If the caller does not react, it is most likely a scammer. They were afraid of you because of your confidence and guts in speaking, and they did not answer. 

They'll be able to figure out your predicament even if you only answer the phone and say hello. 

Nothing is less significant than anything else, and everything has its own function.... Rather than merely following the pack, consider becoming distinctive and learning new things. 

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