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SA people be warned. New ATM scam that everyone can fall for. Better be safe than sorry

"Are you mindful of what's happening here?" Take a hard look and be wary. "It's the Christmas season, and hooligans are out there searching for our cash," Blessing Ramoba said on his confirmed Facebook page, illuminating the general population. 

Screenshot cred: Facebook. 

The Christmas season is drawing nearer, individuals will get rewards, and convicts will be causing a commotion, expecting to benefit from this by taking individuals of their cash. Hooligans take cash from individuals in an assortment of ways. It has little effect whether they utilize actual power or other trig's; they ought to be kept away from, and individuals ought to be taught about the different strategies they may be taken of their well deserved cash. 

Screenshot cred: Facebook. 

The Christmas season ought to be a happy time for everybody and a period for family gatherings. No one ought to be worried about the cash that has been taken from them since they overlooked minor data on ATM machines. At the point when individuals on Facebook saw what was portrayed in this photograph, they were both interested and neutral. In case you intently take a gander at the picture, you'll notice that the buttons on this ATM machine are screwed up. 

screenshot cred: Facebook. 

The buttons have been traded/blended, and they can be seen by letters in order that are not in the appropriate norm. The letters in order starts with ABC and finishes with QZ, however what individuals see here is totally unique in light of the fact that the number 1 button is holding the letter set QZ. What is amazing once more is that the letters Q and Z ought not come after one another. Individuals neglect to see the minor subtleties that cause issues down the road for them.These ATMs are open 24 hours every day, seven days per week, giving criminals a lot of time to introduce anything they desire and even misunderstanding the buttons to expand their odds of misleading/looting casualties. The ENTER button has been supplanted with the CANCEL button since the ENTER button has a green line and the CANCEL button has a red line, as is standard convention. Individuals would commit errors with such ATMs and lose cash subsequently. 

Screenshot cred: Facebook. 

Individuals via web-based media have responded to this, and the greater part are disappointed. Certain individuals continued to recount to their tales about being burglarized. Others contend that touchscreen ATMs ought to be introduced since they have a further developed framework that makes it unthinkable for hooligans to benefit. Others were shocked on the grounds that they were uninformed of what was happening in various ATM machines. Individuals continued to share this post since they needed everybody to know about it.

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