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Theft robbery

Thieves no longer steal smartphones to sell them but to take everything you worked for.

Phone snatching is one of the problems we have as a country, every day a person loses their phone not because they forgot it in a taxi or at a mall but because it was stolen.

We all know that the culprits will see you listening to music, checking your messages, or answering your phone before you know your phone is gone.

These people are so fast you will think that they went to school to study what they are doing the sad part is that they will sell your phone for cents.

There is nothing more painful than losing something that you have worked hard for it doesn't matter how much you have bought it at the end of the day it is your sweat.

New information has come to light regarding everyone who is using a smartphone it looks like your phone will no longer be stolen because they want to sell it for quick bucks.

Smartphones are now being targeted so that they can defraud the owner, most a lot of people's lives are on the phone especially because of the corvid 19 pandemic many people were forced to move to the online banking system.

Sadly, smartphones are taken from victims to gain access to their personal space especially the bank accounts, imagine after getting paid you lose your phone and in just a second your whole salary and savings are gone.

That can make a person end up in hospital because of stress I mean you spend years saving for your future and just like that everything that you have worked hard for vanishes.

We need to be careful when it comes to our phones, people want to listen to music or answer their phones, but you need to check your surroundings before you do that, so you can be safe.

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