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OPINION| Bad News for Social Media Users

It has come to our interest that 3 of our used social media apps in the global are down, it is unlucky that thus far no one is aware of what is going on The Associated Press has pronounced that the proprietors are privy to the trouble and they're busy solving it, a few humans stored on restarting their telephones, with the fear that their telephones aren't operating, and it became even extra annoying because they are saying they have got complete coverage of the community. In this form of situation, humans would possibly say it's a community trouble however no it's not actual because the community is running simply fine.

But humans observed that they may be not alone as lots extra humans are experiencing the equal trouble, but to their surprise, there may be this one unique app that is operating that's Twitter. Now that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook it's not operating today they may be compelled to exchange to that app

It's alleged that a few humans determined to show their backs from black twitter alongside time in the past as they are saying it's toxic and full of bullies, however today it looks like they will be pressured to exchange back to it, because it looks as if it's the only one that's operating today.

But Twitter customers are making amusing of the individuals who are have not been the use of it, and they may be not giving them any destroy like they have been awaiting nowadays to return back and they are ensuring they may never neglect about this.

People began out reacting after noticing that these apps aren't operating, and with their creativity, they made positive that Twitter owns the distance and that they did this by developing images, some humans even said it is not that your phone is not running but it is time to name all the ones human beings you've got been texting, or you can switch to Twitterr it really is the only alternative you have for now because nobody is aware of how lengthy It will take for them to get returned online

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