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OPINION| Many Thanks to Iphone Producers, One of Their Handset Saved Max's Life

According to sources, apparently Max was saved by his iPhone 12. He was on the phone and the bullet couldn't penetrate pass his phone to the head. This is sad, wish he can recover fully the poor guy is trying to feed his family and most importantly creating jobs for other families. Now people can see that buying an l phone is not a waste of money, do you think mobicell would have saved him? 

Thank you Lord for saving him and showing us that we need to change our cheap phones, Township business owners create jobs to end poverty, unemployment, and donate to communities. It's the responsibility of the community, political parties and counsellors to educate the community about crime neighbour watch and not to kill township business owners, because our government is not creating jobs but entrepreneurs

Apple Watch also helped a person who was involved in a car accident to send his son to inform the son about the accident, the son was listed as an emergency person contact. The phone did not put itself on his ear. It took a force much greater than the phone to spare his life even if it maybe for a moment. Clearly it was not robbery or something they wanted to kill him because they did not took anything

This man was saved by his ancestors and God, the phone came in as a tool to save and again everything piece need to be appreciated, that is why we all have to thank the Apple company for saving our brother their product has done an important job, saving someone's life is a biggest thing. Big up to the company and to the family I say be strong in this hard time, Mr Max will be okay and will resume where he left

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