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How to Fix the Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen Error

Despite your best efforts, you haven’t managed to get past the loading screen in Apex Legends. You aren’t alone in this matter. Many fans of the first-person shooter have been crying loud and long on EA forums about the same issue.

When this problem occurs, we recommend that you, first of all, restart the game. This is a simple solution that has nevertheless worked for a significant number of gamers. We aren’t exactly sure why restarting the game seems to work sometimes, but it is what it is.

If that doesn’t work, rebooting the system itself isn’t a bad idea. Perhaps the game got stuck due to a glitch or two in the software component responsible for network connection or it is a failure on the part of the driver software. No matter what the root cause is, the Apex Legends infinite loading screen has been known to be solved merely by restarting the machine.

So, when you face the issue for the first time, close the game and start it again. Then, restart the machine as well. This is both a possible solution and preparation for the real troubleshooting work if Apex Legends continues to display an infinite loading screen instead of loading the game.

Reset the DNS Cache on Your Computer

While there are many reasons why the Apex Legends game is stuck on an infinite screen, DNS poisoning shouldn’t be discounted as we have explained previously. For this reason, flushing the DNS is a significant step in the troubleshooting process. To flush the DNS simply means to clear the cache of all the entries, including invalid and poisoned records. The computer is then forced to repopulate the cache with addresses from your network’s DNS server.

As an online game, Apex Legends requires a connection to the internet. Your computer’s DNS cache stores the address of the game server locally. If it is poisoned and thus resulting in the infinite loading screen, clearing the DNS cache is a surefire way to get things working normally.

To clear the DNS, you need to use the flushdns command in an elevated Command Prompt. Don’t worry, the steps are not complicated at all as you will see.

  1. Access the Windows 10 Quick Access menu. To do this, move your cursor over the Start Menu icon and right-click.
  2. From the Quick Access menu, select Command Prompt (Admin), and a Command Prompt window with administrative privileges will open.
  3. In the elevated CMD window, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit the Enter key.
  4. If the DNS flush is successful, you should see the message: Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. You might get a variant of the message such as Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. Either one means that the operation is successful.

You might want to reboot the machine after this, but it isn’t necessary. Fire up Apex Legends once more, and it should quickly load the game.

Check Your Internet Connection

Besides possible DNS poisoning, the infinite loading screen in Apex Legends might be due to a faulty connection. This can be caused by any number of reasons that have to do with the network hardware or software.

First of all, check that your router is switched on and has a strong network signal. Apex Legends might not load successfully if your computer is receiving too little bandwidth or the connection is poor. If the signal bars are depleted, you can try moving the router around to pick up the strongest possible signal in your location.

For a wired router, ensure that the connecting cable is working and properly inserted into the right ports. Try another port, perhaps, or test the network with another device. It is also a good idea to restart the router to clear any network-related cobwebs.

On your Windows 10 PC, open another application that requires an internet connection. A browser will do just fine for this purpose. Try and browse and check the results. You might find that websites load slowly or don’t load at all, giving you valuable clues to the origin of this issue.

If you have established that the connection is smooth and doesn’t have issues, try another of the fixes provided here.

Use Another Steam Account to Play the Game

Most gamers on Apex Legends link their game to their Steam accounts. On the surface, this is a no-brainer. Linking to Steam quickly connects you with your friends that also play the game, enabling faster team formation and other benefits. Plus, you can easily save your game data, and everything is just so much more organized that way.

However, some users discovered that trying to play the game with a linked Steam account causes issues like the infinite loading screen. As in, if they sign in with a previously linked Steam account, the game goes haywire.

Solution? Some users simply signed in using a completely new different account. If you have multiple Steam accounts, you can also use the one that has never been linked with Apex Legends to sign in. This worked for them; it can work for you too.

The procedure to do this is simplicity itself. Simply navigate to the browser link you originally used to sign in with a Steam account and use it to link a completely different Steam account to the game. It is that simple.

  1. Close the game, and in Task Manager, you should end any process related to the game.
  2. Visit the Steam website to create an account.
  3. Go to your EA history page. You should find the link you used to link your Steam account to the game here.
  4. When you’ve found the browser link, copy it and paste it into the address bar of the tab where the Steam website is open.
  5. You should see the Sign in through Steam button on the loaded page. Click it.
  6. The next window should display a sign-in bar for you to enter your account credentials. Click the small Not You? button within this bar.
  7. Now, log in with an alternative Steam account you’ve never used before.
  8. When you’ve registered the new account, a new window will be shown telling you Congrats! You’ve successfully linked your Steam account. Save the link for this page as you might need it later.
  9. Now, close everything.
  10. Open EA Origin and sign in using the newly registered Steam account if required.
  11. Launch Apex Legends and enjoy the game.

This step has proven effective for some gamers who found it impossible to go past the loading screen for Apex Legends. However, even if it doesn’t work for you, the next fix surely should.

Check for Updates to Apex Legends

It goes without saying that game developers pay attention to how their releases perform out there. So, if you and a sizable number of gamers are experiencing the infinite loading screen, you can bet your house that the developers are aware of it. With developers’ Twitter and Facebook pages just a click away these days, it has never been easy to pass across reports of bugs and glitches.

The developers of Apex Legends have been made aware of the infinite loading screen or endless loading spinner, as they put it. They have been working hard on internal fixes that would make the bug go away for good.

The Apex Legends official page has advised gamers who have been getting the annoying infinite loading screen to perform a disconnection. Basically, they claimed that disconnecting from the server and trying to connect again solves the issue. Although there is no solid data on how many gamers that has worked for, since it is a recommendation from the developers, it is worth trying out as well.

If you’re not sure of what to do, simply disconnect from the servers by signing out of the game. Wait for a few minutes and connect again. If a connection is established, the game will be loaded for you right away. However, if connection issues persist, it may be that the developers are still grappling with server issues.


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