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Everything He Touches Turns into Dust: Tweeps Drag Cassper Nyovest.


19 November 2021

I am sure that you have seen Cassper in the top trends and wondered what did he do this time as he is the most versatile entrepreneur who has been scoring multiple gigs from various companies. Well, this time it's not about new accomplishments or anything of that sort but about the businesses he is involved in not doing well.

When it comes to Twitter Cassper tends to be 'that one celebrity' who cares less about people who are holding him back by criticizing him. His energy and focus are invested in those in support of his dreams and businesses.

If you remember well, before the first episode of The Braii Show, a fan shared a picture of his TV that looked dusty which he was going to use to watch Cassper's show and the entrepreneur responded by buying his fan a brand new Samsung TV where he could watch the Braai Show well.

After that scene, people asked Cassper to buy them TVs and he bought about 35 Samsung TVs and offered them to the fans of the show.

When it comes to who likes you and who doesn't, it's better to accept that not everyone will like you and that not everyone in your circle will always be supportive.


Tweps have once again attacked Cassper for not doing well as an entrepreneur. If you remember well, the number of views for The Braai Show keeps on decreasing.

Cassper partnered with a mobile phone company called AG back in 2016 and the company went under liquidation.

"As numbers of the Braaishow continue to go down remember he partnered with AG for his cellphone and AG got liquidated after", a Twitter user wrote.

Here are more reactions from tweeps:

Cassper Nyovest's reply on views of The Braii show plummeting.

Despite receiving backlash from Twitter users, Cassper Ntovest recently replied to claims by a sweet clap back.

"I'm not even going to explain anything, my dawg. You always have the answers in your tweet but fact is, I made big bank and my client is very happy with my service. Everywhere I go I meet fans who watch it religiously and are talks of a rerun," he said

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