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5 Google Earth Photos That Revealed Views From Our World We'd Never Except Part One

We probably don't stop to think about it, but Google Earth is one of the most incredible and miraculous inventions that any mapmaker or explorer could've ever asked for. We now have a view of nearly every inch of our globe being beamed to us at all times from outer space. Can you picture anything more unbelievable than that? This wonderful tool has shown us things that we could have never known otherwise, and some things that we never expected. Scroll down and see what's happening on our planet, all from the vantage of the cosmos. 

1. Can We Listen To The X-Files Music Now?

This mysterious triangle in the Nevada desert has circles in it that are too perfect in shape to be drawn by humans. Although humans can draw it, we feel it is no fun to believe it.

Some people think it is an abandoned airstrip or an old bomb testing site. What do you think about it?

2. Just a Normal Day In Russia

We know that a lot of people usually mug for the camera or even stage scenes just for the Google car, but we're pretty sure it is not staged at all.

Given that it is happening in Russia, we have a question: is it not a problem to roam the streets with a rifle?

3. Not Photoshopped At All

This is a 1200 foot pentagram in Kazakhstan that is as real as it gets. But there is something unexplainable for now.

The five-pointed star etched into Earth's surface needs to have some purpose, right? No one knows how it got there.

4. That's Called Advertisement

Look closely and you will spot the Coca-Cola sign in the desert in Chile. The sign has been drawn onto a hillside in Chile.

Have you managed to spot the Coca-Cola logo? It's right there in the middle of the photo. There are also pictures of it from the ground, for the record.

5. Capturing An Unpleasant Photo

Some people have taken some interesting photos with the help of Google Earth. Unfortunately, not all of them are pleasant.

This is an image of Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. It's been many years since the attacks and still, the photo is scary and depressing.


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