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See a taxi that has free wifi that got many people talking!

We all know that in south Africa, a taxi never had a wifi before. You would have to buy your own data so that you can use your internet. But when years goes by things seem to be changing regularly. As you can see we now using the smartphones to read the news , back then we were buying newspapers to read the articles. A taxi driver did something that shocked many South Africans. He decided to put wifi in his Quantum so that every passenger can connect whenever they having a ride.

The driver posted this on Facebook to advertise, so that people will always want to ride his taxi because of the beneficials. He captioned these pictures : "my taxi has a free wifi, it's unlimited for downloads, uploads, streaming and chatting." now the competition is real in this taxi industry.

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Content created and supplied by: Tatiana_lyzac (via Opera News )

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