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See Photos That Will Make You Laugh

An online meme is a behavior, a style, or an idea that spreads through social media platforms on the internet. It's mostly utilized for comedic purposes. What constitutes a meme may differ depending on the internet community. It's also subject to alter as time goes on. Memes don't have to follow a specific format. By simply adding words to a photograph of animals or people, memes can be created. Richard Dawkins invented the term meme in his book “The Selfish Gene” to explain how ideas multiply, mutate, and evolve. Memes became popular after the advent of YouTube in 2005.

People should try to draw in themselves in activities that include snickering because pressure is unavoidable, according to the popular saying that laughing is a pain reliever with no side effects.

This pressure may come from your job environment, including yourself in strenuous exercises, or it may come from your relatives.

If you're having a rough day, here are some hilarious memes to cheer you up.

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