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Social media is not for the fated heart: A lady shared her pictures, but people notice something.

Technology has improved over the years and because of that, we have social media, a place where people from different countries meet and share ideas and jokes.

Social media has its advantages and disadvantage before you join you need to be ready because your life can change.

Pictures of a beautiful girl have been making rounds on social media, on her pictures, she is seen with her friend, and she is wearing sunglasses, but social media zoomed into the pictures and saw that she is wearing fake glasses.

People couldn’t help but send their comments making fun of her, such a thing can make a person delete social media but if you are strong you laugh with them and pass after all it's life no one is perfect.

it's amazing how social media directives are good at spotting the little things before joining social media you need to have a thick skin.

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