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Apple IPhone 12 Scams will leave many broke

Takealot It's A Reputable Company So Scammers Are Using Their Name To Scam Innocent People Around The World.

.Takealot Say's They Are Not Responsible For Such E-mails They Have Warned All Their Customer's In Social Media That They Should Not Engage With Such E-mails And WhatsApp Massage's. They Said That's Not Their Official Takealot.Com Communication And It Is A Scam.


WhatsApp Scam Link Going Viral. An Online Survey Link Offers You An Opportunity To Win An IPhone 12 Pro. The However Is Too Good To Be True.

E-commerce Platform Takealot Has Warned Customer's Of A Fraudulent "Takealot South African" Web Page That Asks Customer's To Take Part In A Survey That Aims To Improve The Quality Of The Service Takealot Provides. IPhone 12 For Free No Way - It's A Text Scam Or An Email Scam.


Takealot Has No Connection With Such E-mails, WhatsApp Massage And Sms. If You Suspect Any E-mail Or Sms Verify It First Before You Take Action. This Is What's Happening ..The Text Are Going Out Telling People They Have Been Selected For A Special Opportunity That Will Make It Possible For Them To Receive Free IPhone 12.. What What An IPhone For Free That Is Impossible!!!

Takealot Will Never Send You Sms Or E-mail Of Competition That They Have Never Runed Takealot Competition Take Place Under Their Socials. Winning Content Are Cool, But Face It.... How Often Is A "You Can Win This Or That A Real Thing?.So Here Is The Deal Your Not Winning Any IPhone Not Now , And Certainly Not For Free!!

Report suspicious HMRC emails, text messages and phone calls

Report scam

Share The Article As Much As You Can Lets Help Our One To Avoid Such Scam!! Let's Unite As A Nation And Help Prevent Scam


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