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Opinion: Few things from our era that our kids might never know

Bragging about having experienced certain things is never really a cool thing but sometimes we just think back of certain thins we used to have and share, importantly held them dearly as they were cool back then. Below are some of things that Gen Z might have real hard time recognizing them or having idea of what they do.

it was efficient portable way to listen everything cool then when cassettes were fading out, radio and CDs. portable players maybe faded because of MP3 players.

Thank God for the advancements that technology has made, without Film Canisters there were no possible pictures to be taken, now we take as many as we want and we filter them too.

the only way to save files.

Visiting a unfamiliar place was extra stressfull because the were two ways to navigate: the paper map and asking people.

Floppy Disks now known as printed 3d save button.

Times have changed abd how we live has changed as well, we have adapted to more finer things than before.

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