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Here Is how your phone is stealing your information and what it knows about you.

The Android operating system runs on many of the devices currently available today. It often doesn't matter what brand they are, from Samsung to Huawei, Android runs on many devices (With the exception of IPhones, Blackberrys and Windows phone. Among a few others). However, Android doesn't get paid for its operating system, so there source of income has to come from somewhere else. You may be shocked when you find out where, all the details are down below.

The business model of Android (Which is owned by Google) focuses around not on selling products but by selling information. Specifically your information. You information is collected from the Applications you use on your device and than sold to advertising companies. Those advertising company's buy your Data in batches, so that they can Better sell you products by showing you Advertisements.

However this is not a bad thing, they are technically helping you, instead of charging you for the Android operating system. You get it for free and all they take is a little bit of personal information. This information in no way puts you in danger, they don't sell anything that will harm you. Just basic information. Below I will explain how you can check exactly what they know about you.

How to check what Android and Google knows about you :

First Google the words "My Account". Make sure you are logged into a Google account. Click on the first link that comes up and click on the Data and Personalisation. Now search for the "Go to Google Dashboard" tab. Once you find it you can click on it and see exactly what google knows about you.

While the information on there may surprise you, I would like to reiterate that none of it causes any danger to you. This is actually the business model of the company, they sell your Data, However they wouldn't do it if it brought any harm to you. It's just scary thinking that they know this much about us and that we have willingly given away our information. Sadly this is the way the world works now, and the only way for us to stop this from happening is to cut ourselves off from technology. However that's not going to happen, we have a over Reliance on technology that proves things are not going to change anytime soon. What do you think, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

Content created and supplied by: Nkosi_Hlophe (via Opera News )

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