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Look at the Minister behind the Pot which caused havoc on Social media

Social media is one of the most used communication method which millions and millions of people are currently using in a daily basis to share information, exchange messages and communication.

Some, more especially old age generation find it as disturbing form of technology while the current generation find it as good mode of communication which made life so simple and cost less.

Things get exposed easily and trend fast. Last night the internet was buzzing after the former Minister of finance in South Africa Tito Mboweni shared his pot, cooking stew beef. Sharing what he's cooking has became norm to this former minister.

The meal which Minister TITO MBOWENI was cooking, was very bad and not attracting at all. This caused havoc at the twitter with so many people feeling disgusted by the dish of this former Minister.

Some even went as far as to zooming the dirty on the wall and stove of the Minister.

Vusi Sambo shared that, "Please throw that pots-&-pan set my way once you’ve decided to hang the apron, Masterchef Mboweni"

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