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Ladies here is what face filters are doing to you

Through swipes and clicks, the modern generation is able to adjust their own pictures in the blink of an eye. In as much as this era of social distancing has changed our homes into hubs for work and play consequently resulting in peak virtual living, we still need to check the the effects of facial and augmented reality filters on our mental health.

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Unknowingly, ladies and young girls, who happen to be the most vulnerable to these applications, have become subjects in experiments aimed at observing how technology changes the way we perceive our identies as human beings.

Every time one edits their own image, they reinforce the thought that the natural body is not good enough. As a result, many ladies and young girls are no longer comfortable being seen without filters because they have slowly registered in their mind that they look like that. This divorces oneself from reality.

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Rome was not built in one day, it took a slight change here today, a change there tomorrow until ultimately it was built. The equivalence of Rome built by these facial filters would be obsessive compulsive tendencies around oneself body image.

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As a solution to this, we could acknowledge that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Scrolling through influencers who have filtered to perfection automatically leads to one unconsciously creating a mental wishlist of what it is that could be filtered decreasing self esteem in the process.

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There is no one else who does greater work for us than our bodies, let us simply see ourselves as beautiful. By unfollowing people who are immersed in filtering, we limit the use of filters. Practicing awareness, acknowledging the pictures we see on social media without judgement even if it triggers anxiety, sadness, self-consiousness and just simply avoid the admiration of filtered images.

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