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Don't Waste Money Buying Memory Card, Delete This Hidden File That Is Using Your Memory Space

Have you ever wondered what it is that is using up so much space on your phone's memory? Of course, I've experienced the same problem in the past until I discovered a long-term solution, which you'll learn about in a few minutes. Consider the following scenario: you have an internal storage capacity of 16gb and you don't have many videos, images, or even too many applications installed on your phone, yet your phone constantly warns you that you don't have enough storage memory.

However, I'd want to share with you how to delete certain hidden files on your phone that have been taking up space on your phone without losing any of your other files in the process of doing so.

1) Open the file manager application on your phone.

The menu icon can be found in the top right corner of your phone's screen after you've opened the file manager.

3) Select the Hidden Files checkbox on the menu bar icon.

4) Then, using your file manager, navigate to the DCIM folder and open it.

5. You will notice a hidden file with the name "Thumbnails" within the DCIM folder. This file contains thumbnails for all of your films, photographs, and even the icons for your applications. You will not lose any information on your phone if you delete this folder. And the majority of the time, the size of this folder is greater than 3GB in size.

6. After you've deleted those thumbnails, go to your file manager and select the "+" symbol to create a new file. Make a new folder and call it "thumbnail" just in case you accidentally deleted the first one.

7. In the following step, you will see that your phone memory has been released and that it will begin to function correctly.

As a final question, have you done any of the steps I've outlined above before? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below, and please forward this post to your friends.

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