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This is how you can unlock someone’s phone without a pattern or fingerprint in a minute

It is a trend to set a pattern or a finger print recogniser to lock your phone, but this has made many dead bodies to be located, for example if one dies in an accident, they will use their phones to locate them, but if it’s locked, it will be hard to be able to trace their relatives or family.

This is how you can unlock a phone that requires a finger print or pattern to unlock, and you don’t know them

Many Android users are stuck with this issue and wondering how to open a passwordless Android phone. If you have the same question, if I have forgotten the password, how do I unlock my Android phone? In this guide, you will find the best solutions. For accessing an Android phone without a password, the following 3 basic methods will be illustrated.

The best alternative for Android users to unlock Android phones without a password may be PhoneRescue for Android, as it requires no technical knowledge to access your smartphone.

  1. Download and update PhoneRescue for Android for Free on your device > Run this > Connect your Android phone via its USB cable to the device
  2. In the upper left corner, click the second button to select the Lock Screen Removal function.
  3. Click on the Start Unlock button to start the removal process after it recognizes your Android device.
  4. The gui below will be displayed when the screen lock is disabled successfully, and your Android phone will restart automatically.


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