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SASSA 350 grant: What each application status mean for you, read more below and see dates

There are lot of people who don't understand what their statuses mean and i decided to explain all the statuses so that people will understand them. At the moment lot of people are still waiting for their money and some don't know how to check their status. Lot of people have received their money so far and other applications are being declined. And those people who are declined were advised to reaply to reconsideration so that they can approve them. And people are are still unable to apply need to do so as soon as possible.

Application complete - this means your application is complete the only thing that is left is for them verifie all the information you provided. Then they will reply you through status if something is missing.

Bank details pending - this means you didn't provide the system that they will use to deliver your money. Whether it's post office or bank account. But you must not leave an empty space because even if your application is approved you won't receive your money.

If your application says pending or approved or declined this means you need to reapply. If it's pending you just need to wait until there are done processing your things. Approves you need to wait for your paydate.

More questions you can comment below. And follow me for more.

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