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FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer

First of all FIFA has always had licenses for the top teams and leagues, which means that teams are represented with their actual badge and kit, as opposed to Pro Evo, who have to come up with placeholders. In addition, FIFA has exclusive rights to the Champions League and Europa League. PEShas exclusive rights to Juventus' license, meaning that the Italian champions were known as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20. They also have Barcelona meaning they have Messi. However, FIFA is preferred in this regard.

In terms of sales, FIFA also puts pedal to the metal. As of February 2021, EA Sports’ game sold more than 330 million copies units while Konami’s PES sold about 111 million units. 

When it comes to gameplay, graphics and the like, both brands have outdone themselves. FIFA sticks with an arcade look and personal taste while PES came down hard on the colour (and maybe a bit too much saturation). Both brands deliver realistic gameplay with PES having a slight edge over FIFA.

In conclusion- despite the huge price difference, FIFA is the better game- at the moment. The licenses play a big role. 

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