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Stop wasting money on flashing phones| See how to unlock any phone including iPhones by yourself.

Flashing a phone is just the process of wiping everything off it or resetting everything on it, including passwords, applications, music, movies, flies, and virtually anything else that is stored on it. To flash a phone, the phone must first be unlocked by the person doing the flash.

The reset button may be found in the settings menu. Some phones, however, are protected by a password that must be removed or cleared before the phone may be used without restriction. In these situations, flashing the phone to remove or clear the password is the only option.

People then resort to retailers and phone repair businesses to flash or unlock their phones, for which they are charged, resulting in them squandering money, however this is no longer the case. In this post, I'll teach you how to unlock any phone, even the iPhone, by using only your own hands.

Let's start with Android phones. To flash an Android phone in order to remove the password, press and hold the volume up button on the phone while also pressing and holding the power button simultaneously (see image below).

This should only be done once the phone has been turned off completely. The recovery mode will appear on your screen, and you may go to erase data or factory reset by pressing the volume down button and then pressing the power button.

After less than 5 minutes, the phone will be reset, erasing the password as well as any other information stored on it. After that, you just set up your gadget and are through with it.

Finally, make sure that the phone is switched off or turned off before attempting to reset or wipe the password or any other information on it. The sleep or wake button, sometimes known as the power button, and the home button should be pressed at the same time, or nearly so, to activate the device.

Keep your fingers on the screen until the apple recovery mode is shown. Do what is necessary, just as we did for the other, and you will be finished. Don't waste your money on flashing or unlocking phones; instead, do it yourself and save your money.

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