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#25 is trending on Twitter: Don't give up is the message behind it

I was pleasantly surprised today to find a trend that had no malice behind it be a recommended for me.

Usually Twitter is a cynical and dark place but there was hope today as I scrolled through the stories of how people were not at their peak #at25 but how things will get better.

The first story that really caught my eye was the one where a Twitter user spoke of her experience in leaving a permanent job. She describes it as the worst and best decision but I find it inspiring. It is a difficult move to make but sometimes you know something is not right for you. You know that deep down you need more for your life but you become afraid.

Afraid to take a risk and afraid of losing a sure thing income-wise. But life isn't about being a drone behind a desk. It is about actually living and sure the result wont always be great, but if you dont take a chance, how will you know?

The tweet above made me want to laugh and similarly crave an adventure like this Twitter user. He is unburdened by other people's expectations of him and living the life he wanted. I think it's a lesson for all of us as the youth. If you live your life waiting to exhale, waiting for the right moment, you might be waiting forever.

These last two tweets were heartbreaking. The first one about thinking you have a life partner and being married, only to have it ripped away and be back to living at home. Worse still, trying to kill yourself because everything feels like its failing. But there is a silver lining on even the darkest of clouds.

This hashtag is a reminder for all of us to keep breathing and to keep going on. I know with covid and unemployment rates going higher, it feels like there is no end. But you will make it.

Thank you for reading!

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You can read more about this hashtag here

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