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Even with this eye opening revelation people still want the Apple, only because of photos.

There has been a comparison of two phones trending on social media platforms as there is a Samsung and an iPhone in the mist and the comparison has been very clear on which the best phone is but yet people still want the IPhone. The two phones are pretty good and very expensive and they are of people with taste and good stuffs.

When it comes to phones people love different brands and no matter how much a person has they would still love to carry the one and only brand they believe they trust. The top ranking brands on phones is the iphones, Samsung and Huawei and others.

Here is the picture which has been causing some fights and uncalled for arguments on twitter and other social media platform.

On the photo the comparison was between a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra a very beautiful phone with some nice curves and good taking pictures camera.

The other one was about the latest iPhone 13 pro max the new boy in the streets as it has just been recently released to the market, iphones are pretty much costly for their prices but yet people still want them because its the brand they want.

Here is the screenshot of the post which was posted on twitter.

After the comparison the person who posted the post even though on the comparison the Samsung came out to be the best in all the qualities but the person posted that he would still choose the iPhone. So people wondered on the comments on whether his choices its because of the apple behind the post or mabye because its just status. The Iphone prpducts come with some status and some calibers when you buy tgem people tend to think you have money if you buy and iphone. Is it really the case?

After the picture was posted on twitter here are the screenshots of the comments after the picture of the comparison was posted take a look.

Source :Twitter social media platform

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