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23 Photos Of Fails That Got Caught On Camera

Even the most brilliant ideas can fail miserably at times. However, there are some people who believe they've come up with something truly brilliant. They believe that their "perfect crime" will work, and some of them are correct. Unfortunately, it isn't the case with the heroes we chose. 

We'd like you to have a look at these 24 photographs of brave heroes who tried their luck and failed. 

This kid figured out a simple way to acquire his toy. 

The most intriguing events are generally those that occur behind the scenes. 

When the only thing you have is an iPod and you want to take a cool selfie: 

When your attempt to impress a lady fails:

Hmm... Well done, dude! 

You, too, can have a 6-pack with a little bit of makeup and creativity. 

Bread and wine are the finest accompaniments to this tire. 

When we have Photoshop, who needs to go to the gym? 

When you pretend to be on a private plane yet the truth still comes out: 

This guy pretended to be lounging by the pool, but he was actually seated in a parking lot. 

When I was sleeping, my girlfriend took a picture of me. I adore her. 

“With the wife, I'm decorating the new house.” 

When you've always wanted to be a professional basketball player: 

Why not take royal portraits?

A deserted swing in the middle of the ocean. Well, maybe, not that deserted.

When your face says you’re unhappy with the traffic, but your glasses prove otherwise:

Another bad day at work

Boss move

It seems like he is not really the best example to follow

There's just one more step to the top! Or perhaps to the ground? 

I believe it is past time for me to quit ordering from Ali Express.” 

Another stunning location that looks great in photography.

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