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" There is nothing Special about Pirates " - Sad Words From A Fan

These are the sad words coming from a fan. As he was saying that there is nothing special about orlando pirates anymore. Honestly no painful words like this have been ever revealed to the team. As this fam have stated that there is nothing special about pirates anymore. And he also added that the team is bewitched.

It could be true of what this fan is saying that the team is not special anymore. But the words he then added we are not sure of them. That is because not all of us in the universe believe in which craft. So we are not sure if that.

See the comment below.

So in that case these are the painful words revealed by the fan. And they are painful words to all memebers of the team. They are painful to as well as followers who got best intrest at orlando pirates. It is painful to see that the team is no longer special.

Though the main reason that has cause the fan to saying this is because he was angry at the perfomance. We all know that once a fan is angry that the team is not playing well. That fan is capable of saying harsh words to the team.

In that case these were the harsh words that the fan have said in the comment. And now people will be asking themselves that is the team really nit special anymore. As the fan have said that the team is not special.

Another scary part ia to those who believe in whitch craft. As the fan have also said that the team is also bewitched. We don't know if he could be telling the truth about that. And that might scare the people who love the team and they believe in whitch craft as well. These were harsh words coming from the fan.

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