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Opinion - The problem is that the system is upside down.

The problem is that the system is upside down. The system punishes the good ones and rewards the hypocrites, the paedophiles, the thieves, the war mongers, the liars and blood thirsty vampires.

Yes there's good people out there that stand for the good but the system punishes them and reward the hypocrites and liars like your Madonselas, Ramapauser, Pravin, Mashaba etc.

The problem is the system it's designed like that, yes by chance you can find some good politicians out there in the system that want to do good for the people but the system will punish them and reward the bastards.

If you can only take your power back and isolate these psychopaths by not participating in their game, their boat will sink down under.

Stop VOTING, DON'T do anything they tell you to do and do everything they tell you not to do.

The Architect designed the Matrix system this way.Everything is inverted in this world.Its all about breaking your coding.Also one must know your program.We can all bring down the Matrix system by unplugging.but from what i have seen many are zombies who love to be slaves to the system.that is why this world will be wiped out by King Yeshua & the Saints with fire & brimstone.

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Mashaba Pravin Ramapauser


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