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Instagram User? Here's how you Can Download Pictures and Videos On Your IPhone

Many iPhone customers may feel irritated that their Apple and Instagram gadgets do not allow them to download pictures or recordings from Instagram feed and stories. If you don't know how to save Instagram photo or clip to your phone, we can offer you some alternatives which may not be as easy as downloading an image from your program, but definitely very easy to customers.

when you get used to it. Download Instagram Images to iPhone Via URL While it might not be as easy as you expected when you bought your first iPhone, this method has been tried and works for customers who are ready to take photos Instagram on their Apple gadgets. To do this via photo/ video url, just follow these simple steps:  

1.Open the Instagram app and navigate to the image you need to download on your iPhone  

2.Touch the three dots in the top right corner  

3. Tap "Duplicate Offer URL"  

4. Open Safari application  

5. 'Paste and read URL  

6.Open Notes and start another Note  

7. Paste the image there, then tap "Save Image"  

8. The image will be downloaded to your iPhone  Download the Instagram recordings to your iPhone via an app 

To save Instagram story, you just need to save it, download an external app that will make your life easier and help you download the video you need in no time.  Reshare story is perhaps the most well-known application that allows you to download recordings by following these simple steps:  

1. Download the ReShare Story application from the App Store  

2. Login to your Instagram account at  

3.Access the Instagram story you need to download  

4. Click “Alternative” then “Save”  

5. Video saves money on your reel.

If this article was useful and worked on your iPhone device, share your experience in the comment box and share the article for other user.

Content created and supplied by: AnnoynmousBreed (via Opera News )

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