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She broke my PS5 so I turned all her wigs into mops

The worst painful thing that could happen to a man is getting his PlayStation broken, it hurts even more if a woman broke it intentionally. And the worst thing a woman can go through is getting her wigs damaged. A PS5 is very expensive more than 10 cheap wigs combined.

This man took to Twitter how he turned his girlfriend's wigs into floor mops after she intentionally broke his PS5, one thing about men they love their video games especially PS5, can you imagine how he felt when he found that his girlfriend broke it?, she probably was mad at him and tried to break his heart by breaking his PS5.

Women love their wigs, it's the most expensive thing for them to buy and they don't only buy one wig but they buy a lot of them even in different colours. Can you imagine as a woman coming home and find all your favourite wigs on there floor turned into mops? I would freak out too I don't wanna lie. Even though some people on twitter felt like turning weaves into mops was not enough, they even suggested that the guy should gather all her expensive items and break them including make-up. A PS5 is really expensive but honestly speaking wigs are way more expensive, people really think weaves are cheap. If this guy took all those wigs and sold them he would have got a new PS5, that's how expensive wigs are. Instead of turning all of them into mops he would have bought himself a PS5 and kept quiet.

"Lashes getting flushed, hand bags getting donated to garage shops to replace oil bins, tightening all the jars in the house."

"Nah. I would have looked for something that cost as much as my ps5 and sell it or ransom."


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