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R800 FOR AN iPHONE 12? Here's what a certain tweet said

Twitter had a good laugh at a tweet by Mahomed who was mocking Cash Crusaders.

A certain is trending on Twitter for very odd reasons.

The tweet by Mahomed stated: "Cash Crusaders staff will look you straight in the eye and tell you; your PS5, iPhone 12 and Lamborghini are worth R800".

Mzansi quickly jumped in on the joke and had themselves a great laugh.

This is in reference to how low the price offers are when the store buys the second hand items from consumers.

Cash Crusaders has become a place where many swop in their unused items for a quick buck. People are able to sell off anything from cell phones to laptops, musical instruments, sounds systems and many more items.

The process is easy, you bring whatever you want to be rid of and you're made an offer which either accept or decline.

Now it's not too clear on how evaluation is done on these items but certainly you get an offer for your item.

Content created and supplied by: Mndeni1994 (via Opera News )

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