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Twitter comes together to troll a bully who called Makhadzi ugly

Twitter comes together to troll a bully who called Makhadzi "ugly"

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There are troll accounts that only post controversial and provocative content because that's the only way they get engagements. Today, a troll account belonging to a Sidwell got a taste of his own medicine after he had put Makhadzi alongside Thembi Seete and claimed that while Thembi is beautiful, Makhadzi isn't.

A lot of tweeps felt that the post was unnecessary because not long ago, Makhadzi spoke against the bullying she constantly has to deal with and Sidwell still thought it's okay to gain engagements at her expense.

Soon enough, tweeps came together to find points of references to troll Sidwell and no one even came to his rescue. A few people attacked his job and said that no one is comparing his security guard job to police jobs and others went for his avi and compared it to a chicken's backside while others compared him to a goat.

While I'm not condoning bullying in any form, I feel like sometimes, the only way for bullies to learn the effects of bullying is if they too are put on public trial and are criticized for features that they didn't even ask for. What he did to Makhadzi was done to him and it is a teaching moment for him to first make sure he's perfect before going for other people's flaws which are only normal.

A few tweeps also noted how he actually bullies people everyday and came to the conclusion that he does it to upset people so they can bully him back. It's highly likely that he suffers from attention disorder where he needs to have people talking about him, even if they are insulting him.

They fetching him😭😂😂😂 this app

But why would someone do this. We suffered at primary school. We can't suffer at our at our dying ages too. [Serves him right] @papa_dronkie

And this one in particular is a bully of note, but you find a lot of people here on Twitter who like laughing at his jokes because he'd be making fun of other people not them

He got what he wanted😅😅

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