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Samsung recognised the guy who draw on fridges (see pictures)

By Ronewa Ramulifho

Getting recognized these days doesn't take time like it used to before , because what one has to do is to post their work and if the people like your work then that's it . The right people will recognize and just like that doors are open.

There is a guy who has been trending on social media after showing his unique drawing skills to the world . So what he does is , he draws anything that the customer wants on the refrigerator and paint it if the customer want's colour and if not , he will leave it as black and white.

People have been sharing his work for too long now , and finally Samsung saw his work . They didn't even waste time , they approached him on twitter and asked him to check his DM's , which simply means that they might be willing to work with him for their new products .

This should be an eye opener to you also , don't give up on your dream , do what you do best and the right people will open the door one day . A simple post will change your life .

Content created and supplied by: RonewaRamulifho (via Opera News )

Ronewa Ramulifho Samsung


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