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Not Gloria putting her phone at African Bank. Smart move from her but bad for Rori and Freddie.

Rori and Gloria had a fight about their show and they decided to go separate ways only to find out that Lilly Juice loves their show and wants to be their manager.

Freddie managed to convince Rori that she can do the show alone. They shot a clip and sent it to Lilly Juice, she told them that Rori is boring when she is alone and even the quality of her video is bad and that she needs to have the latest phone in order to shoot videos. Rori and Freddie saw Gloria's phone and they decided that they will use it but without her knowledge.

They bought alcohol for her and got her drunk so that they can use her phone but as soon as she realized that the alcohol was starting to work with her body, she put her phone in her breast just to keep it safe. Their plan is now ruined.Source:

Content created and supplied by: Black_Barbie (via Opera News )

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