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How Much Exactly Do the YouTubers Get Paid Per View on YouTube. Explanation

02 October 2021

Report by T Ximba

How Much Exactly Do the YouTubers Get Paid Per View on Youtube. Explanation

I'm sure you have watched a few clips from the YouTubers such as Lasizwe and MacG on his exclusive Podcast show or skits and had questions about how much they are making. Everyone is always wondering because no one has fully stepped forward and provided information about monetization on YouTube. Well if you have had such questions then this is the article to read.

YouTube is the online platform where people post videos and viewers watch. The platform is totally free to use and you can watch the videos as much as you want. The people who post the content are referred to as the Youtubers.

YouTube pays per view. Currently, YouTube pays 0.18 per view. If we can break this down well it means 1000 views would make $18 which as today(02 October 2021) it would make R266.

See the conversion below.


Let's say for instance a video makes about 1 million views, let's calculate again.

1 000 000 × 0.18 which makes $18 000. Let's deduct 45% which is the share of the company. $18 000- $8100 which is $9 900.

The YouTubers are indeed coining it. However, the article does not mean to promote or some sort. The aim is to show those unemployed and tired of looking for a job. Obviously, the companies do reject new candidates especially those with no working experience. Even though the culture at the workplace differs, most of the companies do not hire someone with no working experience of which is something most people don't have.

The internet has advantages and disadvantages, disadvantages are that if you are careless it can ruin your life. In the following article, we will look at the celebrities whose lives were destroyed by social media. On the other hand, the internet has more opportunities to generate income while doing something you enjoy.

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