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Good News | FaceTime Ban Finally Lifted

Many people in the UAE might be celebrating the fact that the FaceTime App is now officially working and they can call other people outside the country or talk with one another. The government of UAE never explained why it banned FaceTime in the first place. The new change can bring a new sign of relief for many people living inside and outside the UAE. FaceTime from the 10th of October until the end of March 2022. Image credit: Twitter

We don't know if the change is permanent or temporary. Reports suggested that the app will be slightly monitored after the government suspected it to be protecting state-run telecom's profits, hiding secrets and security concerns was also the main problem for the ban. FaceTime will receive stiff competition from its biggest competitors, WhatsApp and Skype. It will have to come up with innovative ways to attract users and they might look into digital marketing. Image credit: Google


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