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The world needs more Artists.

Growing up I have always seen movies, to cartoons and animations. They have touched our lives in some form and we continue to share with our kids. It's where some of our childhood memories were made.

The art goes far from just great pictures being brought to life but also the massage that come with it. You are not just watching a cartoon or animated picture but it is also full of life lessons and motivation, to overcome peer pressure and family problems and also failures.

They continue to allow us to dream big, to pass the challenges the we face. I for one know that it's because of cartoons that has helped me with my English language.

Art is not just their only, it's also in photography, sand building at the beaches. Art pictures that cost more than house if that can explain it batter. Some Art movie is The Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones, have shown the best Art.

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Game of Thrones The Lord of The Rings


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