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Uzalo: Fight between Sebonelo and Sambulo of the land

Sebonelo has a plans about the land Nkunzi gave it to him,so now Nkunzi changes his plan and decided to give sambolo,so he caused a fight between two brothers and he was not aware,now sambolo nerds all the land and he does not willing to share it with anyone because he already has plans about the land, according to Nkunzi Sebonelo never had any plans about the land the moment he shows him.

Sebonelo and Sambolo will start to be enemies because of the land, Nkunzi was not supposed to give the land Sambolo before he communicate with Sebonelo because he already gave him,now Nkunzi will supposed to chose between Sambolo and Sebonelo,but Sebonelo made it clear that he will never let Sambolo take the lend as long as he is Alive ,so he might do something bad to Sambolo because of his fathers property.

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