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She was Killed For Qualifying To Wrote All Her Subjects- Here is The real Story From the beginning.


We are living in a world full of evil deeds and cruelty. Every day, we hear about women and children who have been abused and killed.It’s like being a woman is a curse because the lives of our women and children are preyed upon. Although the government is trying day and night to put a stop to the abuse of women and children, these acts never seem to end. The law must be changed to be more strict when it comes to gender-based violence.



As we are growing up, we meet different people, and not all of them wish to see us do well. There are people who have jealousy and get pained when they see other people doing well. Especially among students, there are students who get jealous when they see others doing better than they do. Speaking of jealousy among students, a heart-breaking incident happened at EKurhuleni West. Collage A young lady was stabbed to death after allegedly passing all of the exams. more below.



As students are nearing final exams, those who have not done too well throughout the semester do not qualify to write final exams. It means they automatically fail. So in an IT class at EKurhuleni West College, the whole class didn’t qualify to write the final exam. Only one student, by the name of Mbali Hlongwane, qualified. After this was announced, a young man whose personal details were not disclosed felt very angry that Mbali betrayed the whole class by passing while others were not. This led to a minor argument in which the guy made a scary threat that he would kill her. See the screenshots below:




"You’ll pay for this tomorrow. You are going to the hospital and I’m going to jail. You aren’t going to write that exam..I will go to jail because of you... When I get free from jail, you will work for me for the rest of my life.... At the age that I am at, it’s time for sacrifice. "You will pay the girl. " That’s a translation of what he said.


(Mbali’s photos)

Following his threat, the next day, he went to campus with a knife as he promised to kill her. He allegedly stabbed her two times in the neck. Fellow students tried to help, but everything just happened so fast in a way that they were too. Sadly, she passed away and the guy was arrested. This is painful. See how other people reacted on social media after seeing this.




The government must bring back a death penalty. That’s the only way we can put a stop to gender-based violence. The guy will be arrested and carry on with his life in prison while he takes someone’s life, until the government brings back the death penalty. This problem of gender-based violence will never end. What are your thoughts on the return of the death penalty? Don’t you think it’s the only way to end GBV? Comment below.

NB: Information in this story was gathered from fellow students and colleagues at EKurhuleni West College.


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