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It Isn't Photoshop, Check out Fascinating Things You May Not Know About Maasai Tribe In Kenya

According to, recent DNA research indicates that the Maasai tribe began in northern Africa and traveled south during the 15th century, encountering and fighting other tribes along the way and obtaining extra cattle. Until the early 1900s, people were so prosperous that they even took over their lands and possessions.

Due to widespread depopulation and a slew of diseases that decimated their population for years, many of their people and cattle were unable to survive.

Members of the Massai tribe in Kenya have a distinct culture and ancient rituals that occasionally result in conflict, and one of their tribe's greatest warriors is considered an all-time great.

As you may be unaware, these individuals have a few fascinating facts about their tribe that you may be unaware of.

The experiment's subjects live in peace with nature.

As a fugitive tribe, the Maasai have the option of relocating or migrating to other regions and living in the bush in perpetuity. Because their habitats are game reserves, they live with wild animals.

1. They prefer to spread out for a length of time in order to allow their livestock to graze.

2. They are among the world's tallest individuals due to their height.

The Maasai are among the world's tallest people. They achieve great height due to their calcium-rich diet, which results in lengthy limbs and legs.

3. Cows play a significant role in their lives.

Cattle breeding is an integral aspect of Maasai culture. Cows are their most valuable and helpful asset, and they take no chances with them. Being a wealthy Maasai warrior with a large herd of cows demonstrates your accomplishments.

4. A man is free to have as many women as he desires.

The quantity of animals and children owned by men in the Maasai tribe represents a particular amount of their wealth. They are permitted to have as many women as they choose in order to have offspring. Before a young Massai woman can marry, she must sacrifice cows, and each woman must construct her own house and a separate dwelling for her offspring. In general, the first wife is superior to all others, and she resides in the same house as her husband.

5. Their diet is primarily composed of blood and uncooked meat.

Although the Maasai people consume solely raw milk and raw meat, they occasionally swallow raw cow blood. They will consume it fresh and pure or blended with milk if they are engaging in a particularly significant rite or if they are ill.

6. It is critical to remember that their homes are made entirely of human and cow pee and manure.

Although Maasai huts can be moved, they typically remain in one location for a lengthy period of time, depending on the land's fertility and the availability of food and water. Their homes are constructed entirely of straw, dirt, ash, cow manure, human urine, and sticks.

Simply told, their Warriors are strong enough to hunt lions.

The Maasai regard warriorship as one of the most valiant endeavors a member of their tribe can undertake. Hunting a lion is a subjective triumph for a group that has been together since their incepti

Each year, a leaping festival is held.

They truly do leap that high—it appears to be an illusion or a photoshop, but they do it in order to recognize a brave warrior and woo new women. is the source.

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