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Meet The Tribe Where Women Beauty Is Considered By The Sharpness Of Their Teeth

As the adage says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is certainly true. This implies that individuals may discover beauty in almost anything they look at. In the same way, the sharpness of the teeth of the Mentawaian people is considered to be beautiful. As unusual as it may sound to those who are not familiar with the tribe, this is a belief that the people hold in high regard and which they also put into action.

Those who belong to the Mentawai tribe and live in the Mentawai Islands Regency, which is a chain of approximately 70 islands and islets off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, are referred to as Mentawaian people.

These individuals are interested in a form of body alteration known as teeth chiseling. A woman's teeth are sharpened by chiselling, which is a process in which she gets her teeth chiseled.

Women in a Mentawaian village in Indonesia who get their teeth chipped down to sharp points without the use of anaesthesia are thought to be more beautiful by their tribe than those who do not.

A female child's puberty is usually the time when this procedure is carried out. It is also customary to chisel one's teeth to mark one's transition from childhood to womanhood. To put it another way, certain females are not considered fully mature until their teeth have been chiseled.

Women from the Mentawai Islands are thought to be more beautiful when the point is sharper and narrower in shape. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the Metawaian people believe that chiseling their teeth helps to maintain a healthy balance between the body and the soul.

This concept refers to the relationship between the body and the soul, and it is thought that if a woman's soul is unhappy with her body image, the body will become sick and die.

Despite the fact that it is not a mandatory rite, many Mentawaian girls choose to have their teeth chiseled because of superstitious beliefs and a desire to reach the standard of beauty set by their tribe. Some women are subjected to this procedure at the request of their husbands.

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