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"All work, No holiday" a guy left many speechless after sharing the cars he collects for museum.

when you are passionate about your job or what you do every day for a living, it becomes your habit you can't quit, I mean like you no longer feel you working but you doing something that you truly love, what I like about following your passion whatever you do, you do it on your best ability, therefore you will deliver quality service to clients. And will be both happier and more productive in your work field.

Like this guy he loves his work so much that sometimes he works on holidays just to complete his tasks or duties, he goes by the name @Thatayaone_Tiq and took it to his Twitter account to share with his followers that his life is all about work, he doesn't have time for holidays. he captured snapshots of him towing a scarped old van and he mentioned to his followers that the van will be rebuilt to factory standard and added to a museum collection. A Museum is a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

As followers began to view the upload, a multitude of people implied @alexmwanzo "Hey what setup are gonna run?" He asked.

@Mutai__ "Nice. Every day on my way to work I pass by one FJ47 HAPO K1 and I think I could park and admire it all day. His followers seemed to love his work, it is interesting and unique. indeed museums are awesome you get to see objectives that one has its one-of-a-kind pieces. what do you think about this guy's passion? do share your views in the comment section below, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follow button. 


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