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Here Are Some Beautiful Xhosa Names You Might Like For Your Child - Opinion

A personal name is a word or words that are used to identify or identify a person. Individuals in many nations are expected to have a personal name (sometimes known as a given name or first name) and a surname (also called a last name or family name because it is shared by members of the same family). 

Some people have two surnames, one given to them by each of their parents. In much of Europe and the Americas, the given name comes before the surname, whereas the surname comes before the given name in parts of Asia and Hungary. When a woman marries, it is customary in some cultures for her to take her husband's surname.

A name is a phrase used by an outside observer to identify someone. They can uniquely or within a specific context, identify a class or category of things, or a single thing. The referent is the entity that is identified by a name. A personal name identifies a certain individual human, but not necessarily uniquely.

In Africa, we are given names with meanings and that goes well with our culture. It is also believed that the names we are given also become part of who we are in life. Sometimes our names are not just given, ceremonies will be performed and we will be introduced to our ancestors while young and be given a name that they will approve of and recognise us with for the rest of our lives. We have many beautiful cultures in Africa and each name is given to fit in with our culture. They are also unique and beautiful.

When it comes to naming children, the Xhosa tradition is one of the most fascinating in South Africa. Many of these names refer to the child's clan, God, or the home/family where he or she was born.

These days, many new parents prefer to give their children Xhosa names. Here's a list of 200 Xhosa baby names, along with their meanings.

Athandwa: Loved

Ayakha: Build

Anovuyo: Joyful

Abulele: Thankful

Amyoli: The clan is happy

Isipho: The gift

Izibele: Grace

Imihlali: Rejoice

Iminathi: (The Lord is) standing with us

Indiphile: (The Lord has) given us

Imange: Stand by the Lord

Inam: (The Lord is) with us

Iviwe: (Prayers have) been heard

Ibongwe: To be praised

Kamva: Future

Khayone: God didn't make a sin by giving me him/her

Kholo: Faith

KhwezI: Morning star

Kumkani: King

Khazimla: Shine bright

Kungawo: By the power of God

Kwakhanya: It is bright

Lakhiwe: a home has been built

Liyema: The home is standing

Lulibo: First ripe fruits of a tree

Luzuko: Glory

Liyakhanya: The sun is shining

Lithetha: The sun is bright

Lwando: Increment, increasing

Lithalethu: Our light

Lumko: Carefulness/wisdom

Lingomso: Tomorrow/ the 

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