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Can You Do This For Beauty? See The Lip- Plate Culture in Southern Ethiopia

One thing that unites people all over the world and distinguishes us from one another is our culture and heritage. While this varies from country to country, the northern and southern regions of most countries are more likely to hold on to their cultural beliefs and practices than the middle and southern regions. Certain of these cultural customs may appear strange, and one could wonder why individuals would wish to live in the shadows of some ancient beliefs in this day and age of civilization and progress. In this post, we'll look at various cultural practices that are prevalent among the inhabitants of Southern Ethiopia, Lake Turkana, and the lower Omo Valley. It is possible to separate this cultural group into three subgroups, which are the Mursi, Suri, and Mekan.

A notable tourist attraction for the people of southern Ethiopia is the Lip-plate culture, also known as Dhebi a Tugoin. Some of the people participate in this tradition by inserting wooden discs or plates in their lower lips. Despite the fact that the origins and purpose of this culture are not fully understood, it is believed that they deformed women and young girls in order to make them unappealing during the age of the slave trade.

Another idea of scope holds that the broader the plates are, the greater dowry a bride receives. Others believe that it is a sign that the young lady is ready for marriage if the plates are wider. There are numerous historical and theoretical foundations to this discipline, each with its own perspective and dimension.

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