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A decisive call on Mnakwethu ?

Being a woman is very difficult especially in Zulu culture (Isithembu) known as poligamy that is evidence in Mnakwethu episodes. We have seen the tears of Mashelembe and the Zulu culture was not that much represented. What a public figurr had to say that got people totally aware of what has happened.

Zulu culture is one of the respected and enjoyable one in the world. The tradition is very much fascinating. The issue is how some of the things are done ,they make woman bitter because they have to agree to some things even though they seem to be against those things such as polygamy.

Ngizwe mchunu is the man that also practices polygamy but does not feel it well potrayed in our TV screens . The former Ukhozi FM radio DJ believe that they owe an apology to the Zulu king ,due to the way they show the Zulu culture in a way that is not satifying.


Ngizwe has a strong belief that man who join shows like this they are very disrespectful as they only care about fame. The image of Zulu nation is tanished that what Ngizwe thinks.

People really enjoy the show but they feel Mashembele is not well reapected as the senior wife. Women had to stand firm and tried to support her as much as they can.

Thank you for your suppport!.

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Mashelembe Mnakwethu Ngizwe Zulu


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