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Literature Poetry

Son Impregnates Mother 3 times using love potions, check out story now

Concoction of love or sexual desire for one person, especially the one giving it, through the use of magical potions. Love potions are concoctions that make the person who consumes them fall head over heels in love with the person who dispensed them.

When it comes to the concept of love, Shakespeare and Tristan and Iseult's writers use love potions in quite different ways. Love potion is inserted to the plots of both literature to show the illogical state of love that might result from a quick attraction. A Midnight Summer's Dream uses the love potion in a light-hearted manner, while Tristan and Iseult depicts the concept of love in a more serious manner. Love is irrational, but in different ways, by the two authors. There are significant discrepancies between the plots of the two stories based on the use of love potions.

Check out this story of a man who impregnates his mother 3 childrens using love potion watch below:


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A Iseult Midnight Summer 's Dream Shakespeare Tristan


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