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OPINION | Rhadebelihle is racist. See what he said about white people.

Rhadebelihle is one of the best prophets we have in South Africa and many of the things he has prophesied did happened. Rhadebelihle came into prominence for predicting the death of Shona Ferguson back in July. He is also an artist and author. It appears that his passion for books had him looking into the history books. 

Last night Rhadebelihle shocked the world as he made a strong judgment on white people. He accused them of being evil and he said that they are the ones responsible for all the evil things that are happening in South Africa. 

“All the things that are evil brought by the white men civilization will fall. Which in fact you used our ancestors as slaves to build this evil energy material world,” he wrote. 

It seems like the famous prophet is still holding on to the past because he's talking about ancient history where black people used to work for white people as slaves. However slavery didn't have anything to do with spirituality. 

Rhadebelihle accuses white people of using black people to build a “material world” which is a world filled with non-believers but back in 16th, 17th, 18th there white missionaries who traveled around the world teaching both slaves and legal citizens about the word of God. 

In my opinion I think Rhadebelihle is being racist because many people that aren't white are still out there doing evil things. There are a lot of black sangomas who offer people snakes which generate money but he's not talking about them. It seems like he forgot that white people are the ones who brought Christianity to Africa. 

What's your view about this matter? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

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