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Meet the Mangbetu tribe that enlarges their skull

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" like they say. This might appear to be a taboo to other people but the Mangbetu people consider this as Beauty and social standing.

This tribe is found in the democratic Republic of Congo DRC in the remote parts of Northeastern DRC. The Mangbetu people have a distinctive physical appearance that is largely highlighted by their elongated heads.

Other people may view this physical feature as a serious deformity, but the Mangbetu tribe consider it a symbol of beauty, power and prestige.

In the ancient times the members of the Mangbetu tribe considered the skull enlargement as a symbol of high intelligence and status symbol among the rolling class.

Mother's of the children have to develop the desired shape of the skull as they grow up. They wrap their babies heads with tight cloth at birth.

This tradition is called lipombo. It begins exactly two months after birth of the child. It then continues for years untill the child develops the child acquired the preferred shape of the head.

This is still practiced by some of the Mangbetu people after it was outlawed by the European colony who invaded the country i 1950s.

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