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Meet The Ugly Woman Who Was Buried 153 Years After Her Death

It's time to meet the woman who was laid to rest 153 years after she died.

The world is full with bizarre and unusual incidents that took place a long time ago. After their death, some persons became much more famous than they were before they died because of their unique traits.

As a Mexican born in 1834, Julia Pastrana's peculiarities brought her around the world, even after she died.

Theodore Lent, a U.S. citizen, was married to Julia Pastrana, an unattractive bearded woman. Due of her wealth, he married Julia Pastrana rather than her beauty.

Rather than risk having her deported, Lent bought her and married her in an effort to keep her in the United States.

Because of her genetic disorder, Julia has a thick, bearded face that makes her look like an animal. Lent married her for the money he hoped to get by publicizing her.

By promoting Julia to the world, Theodore Lent made a lot of money. The sad news is that Julia passed away in 1860.

Before her death, she gave birth to a boy, who was diagnosed with the same genetic disorder as her. Her son died a few days later as well. Lent embalmed them both once he had taken their bodies.

As a way to earn some extra cash, he began taking them on a worldwide tour. After a short time, he was unable to transport his son since the embalmment had crumbled.

He brought his wife's embalming throughout the world as a display of his unique personality. Tourists bought Lent's embalming after a long period of time and sold her to a number of performers.

For many years, they traveled the world with her embalming, until on February 12th, 2013, her embalming was finally installed at a Norwegian university.

After 153 years, her body was finally brought to Mexico and laid to rest.


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